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Bakeries in Malta

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Bakeries in Malta

Every local on this island will recommend going to a bakery in Malta. Whether you’re here to vacation, on a work event or simply for leisure and to soak up some sun, a visit to a bakery is a must!

A Maltese person’s love for their locally baked goods, specifically their ‘ħobż tal-Malti’, is evident. Speak to anyone in Malta, and you can sense the passion and agreement that the residents hold in common: Maltese bread is king!

Maltese Bread

Maltese Bread Rules!

No meal is complete without it! It’s a treasure that’s as close to their hearts as their temples and historical cities. Very little has changed since its inception, so it is ingrained in the culture. So much so, that it could even be a potential candidate for UNESCO’s Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

A true bakery here is measured by how good its ħobża is. Numerous bakeries in Malta compete to have the best Maltese bread. Qormi, a locality famed for its bread, even hold an annual festival dedicated to the Maltese loaf! It’s not surprising though, as it’s known as the baker’s town. And before you ask, yes! They also have one of the best bakeries in Malta.

What Makes Maltese Bread So Special?

The technique used to make this mouth-watering bread, with a deliciously dark, crusty shell and fluffy interior, dates back thousands of years. Some say that it’s yesterday’s sour dough that gives it this intense but aerated texture, but perhaps we’ll never really know.

Being that it’s a sourdough bread, there are some healthy aspects to it. It has no unhealthy ingredients and additives aren’t used. Recipes are closely guarded and passed down generations, part of what makes this Maltese bakery staple that much more unique.

Ftira Maltese bread

Praise The Ftira!

Another popular type of Maltese bread that can be found in bakeries is the ‘ftira’. This resembles a large doughnut, flatter in shape with a small hole in the middle. It’s made from the same ingredients and is traditionally filled with tuna, tomatoes, olive oil and garlic. An essential to take on a picnic or for a day at the beach or to grab for a quick lunch snack.

Sweet Bakery Treats

Although Maltese bread deserves to have books written about it, so do some other Maltese baked goods, such as:

  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Maltese Honey Rings – Qaghaq Tal-Ghasel
  • Almond Cake – Torta Tal-Lewz

These are all local and traditional sweets, ones which you’ll definitely want to try. So be sure to take some home with you to make sure your dessert is just as good as your bread!

Maltese Bakery Honey Rings

Where To Find Maltese Bakeries

Many large suppliers and bakeries of Maltese products produce commercially available Maltese baked goods in local grocers and supermarkets, such as The Convenience Store, Maypole, Scott’s, Green’s and Pama.

They’re all pretty good, but nothing beats the ones made on-site at dedicated bakeries, directly from the oven into your shopping bag! Although not as widely available as they once were, there are still plenty to satisfy your cravings for locally fresh-baked products:

  • Falzon Bakery – In the heart of Rabat, this place is chock-a-block with Maltese ħobż, ftira and other tasty treats.
  • Paul Ta’ Kalċ – Located in the capital of bread, Qormi, the baker’s family has been making bread for over 400 years. It must mean they know what they’re doing – they’ve had years to perfect it!
  • Rojolin – A charming shop that hasn’t been closed since the Second World War and produces hundreds of Maltese loaves a day. They aren’t known for their sweet goods, but for making Maltese bread – the way it’s supposed to be!

A Bonus Bakery!

It’s worth mentioning the local doughnuts here. They aren’t known for their Maltese bread, but they are classed as a bakery nonetheless! You simply cannot visit Ta’ Doughnutsfor just one. It’s impossible! Brace yourself to at least have the strength to leave there with just one box!

Many bakeries now offer delivery services on Malta’s main food apps. You’re never too far away from indulging in local goodies!