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Categories in Malta

Let's talk about popular food categories, dishes and more!

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Categories in Malta

Feeling hungry? Let’s glance over the most popular dishes in Malta.  Order now online and enjoy direct delivery straight to your place with Primo Delivery App. We don’t collect other orders on the way to you!


All types of Breakfast


Pasta Makes The World Go Round!


Best types of Pizza in Malta


The Sushi Secret


Kebab in Malta is a real temptation

Mexican Food


But Let’s Taco About Tacos…

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Order from More than One Restaurant at a Go

Do you feel like sushi? Do your friends feel like pasta? No problem!

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Group Ordering

Invite your friends or co-workers to join your order from their own phone.

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Direct Delivery

We don't collect other orders on the way to you

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Cash Payments Accepted

We accept cash and all major payment methods

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Choice of Restaurants

Choose from more than 200 of the best restaurants in Malta

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Refer and Earn Money

Share your referral code with friends and family to earn cash or credits

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Value for Money

We offer better value to the restaurants to ensure you get the best deal

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Pre-order to get your food delivered to your place exactly when you want it!