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Address: 68, Suites 1 & 2, The Strands, Sliema SLM1022, Malta

Phone: +356 79520408


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Something Awesome is coming... soon!

Delivery App

- Primo Delivery App -

Will be ready soon on Apple Store and Google Play

We are working to create an awesome App, where you will be able to order from more than one restaurant at a go and this is only one awesome reason to choose us!

- Primo Delivery App is coming -

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All types of groceries, restaurants, fast food, caffetteria and more are welcome to join us! It’s 100% safe and the return is guaranteed! Be one of the first of our partner to join special offers!

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Primo is an awesome Food Delivery App that brings good food and good people together!  We’re looking for some great people to help us share our story!

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