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American Cuisine
Let's talk about American Cuisine in Malta!
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American Cuisine in Malta

When you think about American food, your mind always goes to the same things. Whether it’s burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and waffles, pizza or tacos, we tend to generalise this cuisine without considering the regional aspects or understanding what an insane variety of foods this nation has to offer.

Native Americans had their own traditional ways of cooking which were later combined with European methods to develop and create a wonderful combination of foods that we still underestimate when speaking about American cuisine.

It’s a pity, as the amalgamation of worldwide ingredients, ways of cooking, and recipes that came from settlers and immigrants has produced such a variety in its regional food. Each of these cuisines deserves to stand out in their own right. They have now become so deeply woven into American culture, that they should all be acknowledged.

American Hamburger in Malta

Traditional American Food

Hard To Identify!

It’s hard to identify what the truly traditional dishes are in American cuisine. Many have tried and failed, because not all foods are indigenous, as with other international cuisines. It’s tough to put a finger on them and place them into categories. It simply won’t do all these varieties any justice.

Too Much Variety!

To start with, there’s both North and South American cuisine, Midwestern and Western, Southwest cooking and so on. Each of these areas have developed their own unique flavours and tastes – we’d have to write a whole series dedicated to them!

The US has become such a melting pot of cultures. Forget the highly processed spray can cheese and Jell-O! Discover more about authentic American cuisine and open your mind to food that is diverse, homely, spicy, original, comfortable, ancient and every food-related description you can think of! American food, done the right way, will get your taste-buds tingling!

American Classics

There are some quintessential foods that sum up the image you get when thinking of this vast country – what most Americans will tell you they’ve missed if they left:

  • Comfort Food: Think mac’ and cheese, chilli, pot roast, or chicken pot pie. Foods you’ll crave on a cold winter evening. Don’t the sounds of them already warm your soul?
  • Southern Cooking:Certain dishes, popular between Maine to California, have become the American standard. Grits and shrimp, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, chicken-fried steak (which has no chicken in it!) define what Southern cooking is. Perhaps not for those who are watching their weight, but they are truly delicious nonetheless!
  • Meat and Potatoes :
    A giant steak, grilled to perfection on an outdoor BBQ should be the symbol for American cuisine. It is a country that has a strong passion for beef, and competitions for the best BBQ or smoked meats run rampant across the country! It would be an honour to be able to cook meat as perfectly as this nation can. With cuts of meat larger than you could ever imagine, it’s a carnivore’s dream!
  • All-American Cookout
    There doesn’t need to be a reason to light up their grills! They have a strong passion for barbecuing, and they do it incredibly well! The typical old-fashioned cookout would include everything we consider to be American – hot-dogs, hamburgers, coleslaw, corn on the cob and potato salad. They’ll usually go a step further and have some juicy rack of ribs or chicken slow-cooking or smoking to perfection!

Most recipes have roots that stem from far across the oceans and continents. They have been heavily influenced and manipulated by what other cultures have introduced them to and what has now become readily available. But, what recipe hasn’t been influenced by others?

Finding American Cuisine In Malta

Many diners and cafe-style places have opened up, incorporating American flavours and ingredients to the regular burgers and hot-dogs most Maltese are used to.

Between Gzira, Siema, St. Julian’s and Paceville, it’s hard to miss an opportunity to find somewhere serving ‘American’ cuisine, or some variation of it such as Tex-Mex food.

Burgers have been given a culinary boost, and there are some top spots for getting your hands on an amazing one!

If you feel like staying home, then download a food delivery app in Malta and you’ll quickly find you’re spoilt for choice!