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Asian Cuisine in Malta

Let's talk about Asian Cuisine  in Malta!

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Asian Fusion Cuisine in Malta

When we think about ‘Asian Fusion Cuisine’, we understand that is a combination of two or more things. The thought of bridging gaps between cultures, backgrounds, cooking styles, ingredients and so on, is not a new concept. In this case, we’re talking about food. Fusion food is also not a novel idea, and people have been doing this for thousands of years, if not longer.

The Novelty Wore Out

However, the term ‘fusion food’ became highly commercialised and profits were made by those who hopped on the ‘novelty train’. Everyone thought they were getting something unique and that’s never been done before. Throughout the years, fusion food has brought with it a mish-mash of cuisines just for the sake of a trend, for example: Italian-Sushi, American-Indian. What do they really mean? How would you define them?

Restauranteurs operated on pick-and-mix cuisines because they assumed that it was what the public wanted – variety and originality. It stood out. But how can you possibly amalgamate the thousands of varying cuisines that run throughout the Asian continent? It doesn’t seem right and nor does it do justice to the wildly varying dishes that Asian food offers. Each of these cuisines deserve to stand alone in their own right.

Culinary Fusion

Fusion food is an art, one that should be left in the hands of those who can create a dish that makes sense.

David Farbacher (a fusion examiner in the US) acknowledges that within culinary fusion, there are 3 types that stand out:

Fusion food wasn’t about the portrayal of cultural diversity as such. Nor was it about the strange concoctions that mixed ingredients from different regions. Asian fusion restaurants became restaurants where you could order both sashimi and a pizza. Or a sweet and sour chicken and a korma curry. They lost their charm.

Asian Fusion In Malta

Ask anyone in Malta for Asian fusion food, and they will likely direct you to the most popular places for sushi or Chinese food. To the Maltese, fusion food isn’t particularly common here. They define Asian food automatically as ‘sushi’ or Chinese, perhaps also Thai nowadays. For some reason, Indian food isn’t associated with ‘Asia’, nor are other cuisines such as Lebanese. Perhaps because of the vast difference in ingredients and dishes, but it is acknowledged as a completely separate style of cuisine.

No matter what, Asian food in Malta remains extremely popular and is welcomed with open arms by locals. The amazing flavour, fresh produce used and the combo of ingredients that are all perfectly balanced to create something unfamiliar is an experience in itself.

Asian cuisine is not one which many feel they can re-produce at home and is something ‘out of the norm’. Everyone can make a plate of pasta, but not everyone has the skill to make sushi. It seems alien but after all, it isn’t Maltese traditional cuisine!

Get Your Asian Craving!

Asian food, in general, has exploded on the Maltese scene in recent years. Nowadays, the general population in Malta prefers to go somewhere that does a specific cuisine, and does it right.

Individual little pop-up kiosks, food trucks and cosy restaurants have done well because of their simplified menus and because what they focus on is why people keep coming back for again and again. Their claim to fame will likely be their signature dish, which is made perfectly, consistently. This alone will bring you followers, and they’ll be the ones raving about it to their friends. There’s no better advertising in Malta than that done by word of mouth!

If you want Vietnamese style street-food or a Pad Thai, head over to those places that make these dishes their top performers. Regardless of how small they are, they are usually big with the locals!

Ta’ Xbiex, Sliema, St. Julian’s and many other areas (even industrial areas where offices and warehouses can be found) have cafes and restaurants that offer particularly unique dishes.