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Mediterranean Cuisine
Let's talk about Mediterranean Cuisine in Malta: the heart of mediterranean food!
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Mediterranean Cuisine in Malta

Mediterranean cuisine cannot be solely attributed to one country in particular. Countries that bordered the Mediterranean Sea, including Europe, Africa and Asia belonged to our oldest civilisations. Therefore it is somewhat a fusion of foods that elicited Mediterranean cuisine which stemmed from cultural influences and trade routes. 

Sharing Mediterranean Food

Conquer The Med!

A lot of what became known as Mediterranean food was a direct result of a history defined by colonisation. Malta, for example, was ruled by many. It lay at the heart of the Mediterranean – a perfect location for anyone who wished to govern the ports of the Mediterranean. And when countries are conquered, the practices and traditions of the ruling nation are imposed.

Different types of unique ingredients were traded, along with other cultural commodities. The people’s interactions here were what paved the way for the Mediterranean dishes we love today. 

Veggies Rule!

Beautiful, long sunny days and shimmering waters come to mind when thinking about the Mediterranean. Most surrounding countries boast good weather all year round, idyllic summers, picturesque views, incredible food and land that is rich and fertile. It’s no wonder so many people want to retire in these regions, what more could you want? 

The Roots Of The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean, for many, is directly associated with health. Thanks to some super healthy ingredients oozing with health benefits, the Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. It has what to be proud of, boasting dishes full of fresh, local produce, where vegetables dominate. 

There are some common underlying ingredients which are often used in Mediterranean dishes:

Olive Oil

The olive oil produced in the Mediterranean regions are superior to none. Olive trees are abundant, some are hundreds of years old, and produce beautifully intense flavours. It’s an ingredient that’s used in an endless amount of dishes across the world, and everyone appreciates a proper olive oil. Olives are also widely used across many dishes and add a touch of acidity to a dish. 

Fresh Veg

As we said earlier, vegetables dominate in this cuisine. From artichokes to aubergines, every vegetable can be a star in Mediterranean dishes. Whether these are roasted, baked, stir-friend or eaten fresh, their locally produced veg is top quality! 


Meat only became more popular once access across countries became more feasible. The garigue terrain in most regions won’t comfortably support herding animals such as beef or lamb. However fish was more prevalent thanks to the  proximity of the Mediterranean Sea and was a primary source of protein.


Herbs define Mediterranean cuisine. They are at the core of every dish, with the most common ones being basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, parsley, mint, garlic and saffron. 

Eating Mediterranean In Malta

You should expect nothing less than the best Mediterranean cuisine! After all, Malta and her sister islands lie at the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Head down to the south of the island, to towns like Marsascala and Marsaxlokk and you’ll find some of the best fish restaurants on the island. These are the localities where fisherman bring in their freshly-caught fish which are sold to surrounding restaurants. On Sundays, there’s an amazing market that boasts plenty of hawkers selling all items imaginable, including clothes, shoes and local products  such as honey, fruit and veg, fish. 

Most restaurants in Malta would be considered ‘Mediterranean’, with some having a focus on certain countries, like Italian or Greek food. 

You can definitely count on finding Mediterranean cuisine in Malta, whether you fancy dining out, getting a take-away or ordering a delivery. You can also count on the fact that the Mediterranean food in Malta will satisfy everybody’s palates.