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Delivery Rates

Primo Food Delivery Rates

At Primo, we have a dedicated team of hard working people who continuously aim to bring you a better service. Everyone is aware that the maintenance and labour costs of running a business must be covered, and that these efforts need to be taken into account.

We all don’t mind paying a little bit extra for the convenience and comfort of having things delivered to our doorstep, but we want to shed some light on what you’re actually paying for! Our customers are held in high regard, and we feel it’s only fair to inform you of how our delivery prices and fees are calculated.

Pick up This is the cost when food is picked up from the restaurant by our courier. 1.25€
Rates per KM This is the cost per km. Example: if you are located at 2km from the restaurant you pay 2km x0.40 €. 0.40€
Drop Off This is the cost when food is dropped off at the destination by the courier. 1.25€
Surcharge During peak hours there could be a surcharge. This surcharge applies and varies depending on the availability of drivers and how busy restaurants may be. TBC