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FAQs and Additional Help

Our aim is to bring good food to people across the Maltese islands. Our Restaurant Partners offer a variety of food, drinks and desserts – available to be delivered straight to your home! The food you love is just a few clicks away! 

Primo Delivery App is not ready to download it now, but it will be available soon on Google Play and the Apple Store. 

The main functions for both are very similar. We’ve ensured to design them with care and users in mind, so they may differ slightly. Features may be visible on one platform before they’re shown on the other.

How you order is up to you! You’re free to choose between our website, or order directly via the Primo food delivery app. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Browse through any cuisine you fancy and simply place your order. 

Our Restaurants Partners then receive the orders and start prepping the meals! It’s packaged carefully, ready to go! The food is collected by one of our Primo Riders or Drivers and delivered straight to you, wherever you are! 

For those who love to plan ahead, you can order up to 24 hours in advance and choose a delivery time that suits you best! 

We would like to maintain certain standards and keep any low-quality restaurants at bay. There is a huge variety of restaurants to choose from, offering an array of international cuisines and specialities. Whether it’s a stone-baked pizza or a colourful sushi platter, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for! 

Yes, we most certainly do! If you’re interested in a creating a Business Account, we’d love to speak to you. Whether you’d like to offer employees a breakfast boost or impress a potential client, we’re happy to help you out. For more information visit our page dedicated to Company Account System. 

We accept cash and all major payment methods, because we want to make the process as efficient and streamlined as possible, in order for our customers to receive and optimal service. 

Questions About Orders

We put a lot of work into ensuring that our employees, clients and customers feel safe despite the pandemic currently surrounding us.
  • We keep updated with current information to ensure that we are strictly following the guidelines and restrictions implemented by local health authorities.
  • We offer a no-contact delivery service
  • We have introduced restaurant rules for orders and deliveries
It is a stressful period for most, but your safety is at the heart of our service. We want to make you feel safe and secure throughout these unprecedented times.

This is an option you can select when you check out. Riders/ Drivers will have visibility to this and follow simple procedures to ensure that there is no contact with the purchaser when food is delivered. They’ll let you know when they arrive, place the food outside the door, step back to a safe distance and simply observe the collection to mark the order as ‘Complete’.

If you have any food allergies that could be a danger to your health, please contact the restaurant prior to placing your order. Each restaurant’s info page will have their contact details. We encourage you to get in touch with them so you can be assured that the preparation of the food will be according to your needs. 

If, for some reason, the restaurant is unable to accommodate your request, they could perhaps offer you an alternative. Ingredients and product descriptions listed on Primo are provided by the restaurants directly. So if you have any questions or concerns about the preparation, there is no better place to contact than the restaurants themselves. 

We will always be around to help you out with contacting the restaurant, just contact us through the in-app chat

You can order food from early morning till late, but it does depend on the opening and closing times of our Restaurant Partners. You can see what’s available on our Homepage or Delivery App. 

It’s starts with you! Submit your order so the restaurant can acknowledge it and commence with preparations and packaging. When it’s good to go, a Primo Rider or Driver will collect it and bring it to you right away! It couldn’t be easier! We don’t collect other orders on the way to you, so you will be sure to receive your order faster than other Delivery App.

We accept cash and all major payment methods because we want to make the process as efficient and streamlined as possible, in order for our customers to receive and optimal service. 

Tipping isn’t obligatory and is entirely at your discretion. You can tip our Riders through the app itself or offer them cash on delivery. Either way, Riders and Drivers will receive 100% of the tips!

Minimum order amounts will be decided by the Restaurant Partners, so it will depend on where you’re ordering from. If there is one, then this will be displayed at check-out, prior to you placing your order. 

We strongly encourage our Restaurant Partners to price their items in the same way they would their in-house menu. Though exceptions do exist, all prices are clearly displayed on both app and the Primo website. If you’d like to get in touch regarding menu pricing, we suggest you contact the restaurant directly. 

Yes, isn’t that awesome? You can order what you like up to 24 hours beforehand and select a delivery time that works for you! 

Yes, just take a look at the app to explore which restaurants offer the pick-up or take-out option. 

The way your meal is prepared and packaged depends on what the restaurants choose to use. They want to ensure that the quality of their food transports well, so they make every effort to use packaging that would work appropriately for this. If you would like to tell us your suggestions or opinions, contact us and we’ll contact the restaurant directly with your feedback.

Contact our support team and we’ll get this sorted for you! Everyone can make a mistake, and we’ll look into why this happened. Rest assured that we’ll do what we can to minimise and fix human errors. 

You could use the Primo app or our website. The app will allow display an ‘Enter Code’ field and the website will show you the ‘Apply Code’ option at check-out stage. 

FAQs about Order Muddles

Our team works hard from behind the scenes to provide you with a great experience from the moment you order to the moment it’s brought to you. But, as life goes, sometimes things do go wrong. Please do use the Help function and contact our customer service team to report any issue you may have encountered. 

If you realise that you might not make it home in time for the scheduled delivery, please do let us know immediately through the Help function on the Primo app. 

If your Rider/ Driver comes across any issues, they will make every attempt to call you once they arrive at the property. If they’re unable to get through, our Customer Service team will also be at hand to try and reach you, both via phone call and email. If you’re expecting a delivery, please do check your emails. 

Your Rider/ Driver will wait up to 10 minutes before leaving the premises. In this situation, you will still be charged in full for your order. We encourage you to pay close attention to the details and contact information on your account, so we can minimise any snags. 

If you suddenly got a dessert craving and forgot to add it to the order, go to our Help function and contact us right away! We’ll do our best to try and get everything you want added to your order!

FAQs about Delivery Delays

If it’s an issue we can pre-empt, we will make every possible effort to contact you and let you know right away! We’d much rather take a proactive approach! Once in a while, though, it may be out of our control and we would have no way of knowing beforehand. In instances like this, we will aim to get your food delivered to you in the shortest time possible! 

The Primo app will display the exact location of the Primo courier. Your address may not be the first delivery location as the food could be bundled with others along a similar route. It’s done only for logistical purposes when we really can’t do otherwise, so it’s rare that you’ll have to wait long due to this. 

Primo will provide you with time estimates, not necessarily precise timing. You can follow the progress of your delivery and the location of your Rider/ Driver from the map. 

FAQs about Payments

Once you submit your bank details, a charge of €1.00 is deducted to ensure that it is valid. It is released immediately and no money is lost from your end. 

If the order you’ve placed is eligible for the use of Gift Card or voucher credits, then these should always be taken into account. The order confirmation screen displays the total amount due, though some vouchers are only valid for online delivery orders. 

The amount originally taken will be charged back to your account. Primo informs the bank that the funds can be released immediately. The money isn’t missing or ‘taken’, but the time-frame it takes to re-appear in your bank account will depend on your bank. 

FAQs about Fees

If the restaurant is close by, the less you pay. It is according to distance and we want to make sure that our Riders and Drivers are paid fairly. 

If any of our Restaurant Partners use their own transport, then they will set their own delivery prices. 

The is what ensures that we can offer our Clients, Customers and Users 24/7 assistance and continuously work to improve the app, website and services we offer you! 

Inviting Friends

No, we’re afraid not! Only those who are brand new to Primo will be eligible for claiming any Sign-Up offers. Creating new accounts will be flagged up from our end and we’ll definitely notice if you try it! Read our T&Cs for more information about this. 

You’ll get access to an invite link once you’ve ordered a certain amount of times through Primo. The link will be shared with you via email, so you can send it to family, friends, colleagues and clients. The more the merrier! 

FAQs about Help and Support

Our teams are super dedicated to lend a hand to any of our Customers, Restaurant Partners, Users, Riders and Drivers. If you still have questions or enquiries that you haven’t found answers or solutions to above, please get in touch with us directly:
  • Contact us by filling the form
  • Contact us live on our in-app chat!
If there’s any reason you’d like to get in touch or let us know if we haven’t covered something in the above, please reach out and get in touch with our Customer Support Team. We’d love to hear from you!

We aim to provide customer support and respond to our customers quickly and efficiently. Despite the high demand we’re currently facing, we will deal with outstanding issues in a prompt manner. 

Restaurant Partner Support

We appreciate the effort our Partners and restaurants are making during this difficult period. We want to provide a strong support system and help them deliver their food to their customers easily and efficiently! Nobody wants more stress during what is already tough enough!
  • Detailed Collaboration: Our Restaurant Partners and Primo work closely together and follow up with updated safety practices and regulations imposed by the government.
  • Tailored Marketing: We offer tailor-made marketing so they can reach out to customers and let them know they are delivering!
  • Research and Recruitment: We have an experienced team that recruit and support businesses so we can deliver food for them.
  • No-Contact Delivery App: We created an app that allows restaurants to offer ‘no-contact’ delivery, so that they can reassure their customers they are working safely.