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Ice Cream in Malta
Let's talk about Ice Cream in Malta and more!
- We All Scream For Ice Cream! -

Ice Cream in Malta

We love it! Even the mere thought of ice cream gets us salivating! Our bodies have come to crave sugar. This beautiful gem of an island boasts over 300 days of sunshine every year! Their winter (which doesn’t drop below summertime temperatures for some other countries!) is also extremely mild. But the weather doesn’t really constitute a valid excuse for not ordering ice cream in Malta, right? Whether it’s being served by restaurants as a dessert, in tubs at supermarkets or by the scoop at the gelaterias and food trucks dotting. the coast, you’ll find it readily available throughout the year!

The History

But this goes way beyond a simple hankering. The ice cream we’ve come to grow and love nowadays started way back – as far as 3000 BC. In China, fruit juices were used to flavour crushed ice. The foundation of ice cream emanated from a mixture of frozen milk and rice pudding. Marco Polo brought it back to Italy from his travels in China. An Italian noblewoman, Catherine De Medici, married Henry II, the French King and introduced it to France where it became wildly popular in Parisian cafes in the 1700s.

We All Love Ice Cream

So, once again, we have the Chinese to thank for this incredibly indulgent invention, the Italians for perfecting it and France for making it public! Now let’s talk about why this has become such a well-loved snack or dessert:
  • 1. Flavours are endless! You’ll actually feel stressed trying to make up your mind about which flavour you want! There is literally no issue if you’re not a fan of chocolate, or you hate vanilla (even though it is the most popular choice worldwide!). The selection feels endless. There are also some innovative and unconventional additions that can be used to flavour ice cream, including avocado, bacon, chillies and sweet potatoes. The Chinese even create ones containing red bean and matcha to adapt to the cultural tastes. So go ahead, enter and explore this weird world of wonderful flavours!
  • 2. Anything goes Whether you prefer sorbets, frozen yoghurts or gelato ice cream, you’ll find them everywhere. Any ice cream parlour or store will have options that tickle your fancy! And many other delightful treats make use of ice cream, like sundaes, ice cream cakes and milkshakes. It’s versatile and goes with almost anything!
  • 3. Rain or shine It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, this is an all-season treat. Whether you’re cooling yourself off by the beach, or adding a scoop to warm pie, you will always enjoy it!
  • 4. Cup or cone? Or double cone?! Yes, please! It’s usually served by the scoop in cups or in cones, there are even wafer bowls! You can even order them in styrofoam containers from gelaterias so you can be sure you have some leftover for later!
  • 5. Wash the blues away! Yep, it’s been scientifically proven to cheer us up! It makes those sad moments a little bit easier to get through. It also makes the happy ones happier.

Best Ice Cream Places In Malta

Indulge in the decadently rich, smooth and creamy ice creams that these places bring you:
  • Dolci Peccati
  • Sottozero The Gelato Factory
  • Rivareno
Many offer varieties of items that are made and served with ice cream, for example an ice cream sandwich, crepes or waffles, take-out tubs with your choice of flavours. No matter what you’re in the mood for, ice cream always satisfies the soul! You don’t even need to move from your couch… just check out our app and fulfil your craving in a jiffy!