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Kebab in Malta

All best kebabs in Malta!
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Kebab in Malta

Kebab in Malta is a real temptation! Hearing the word ‘kebab’ brings to mind the smell of grilled meat sizzling away at a summer barbecue. And that’s exactly what kind of scents you’ll get, wafting past you when you’re strolling by a Turkish place. Temptation at its best!
Kebab in Malta

Types of Kebab

Forming part of the Middle Eastern cuisine, kebabs refer to a variety of dishes cooked with meat. The prevalent concept of a kebab in Malta would be the types found in Turkish outlets here:

1. Kebab Skewers

Pieces of meat (beef, lamb, chicken etc.) are marinated, cubed and cooked on a skewer. The store-bought ones have got nothing on these. Turkish outlets make amazing kebab skewers and are usually on display when you enter. Choose your sides and you’re good to go!

2. Döner Kebab

Similar to the gyros found in Greece, a döner kebab is sliced or ground meat which is placed and cooked on a vertical rotisserie (a cooking style that’s been around since the Ottomans). The meat of choice throughout Malta would be lamb or chicken, but in other parts of the world you can find them being made with goat and beef. They’re a pretty popular late night snack, so you’ll find quite a few places open after you’re finished with a few drinks at a bar! 

Kebabs Bring Billions

600 tonnes of döner meat is consumed every day in Germany alone, with it being an industry that brings in more than 3.5 billion euros annually! In 2017, 2 million kebabs a day were being eaten.

Paris boasts over 550 kebab shops, whilst the UK has over a staggering 17,000.

It is a supreme example of how such an uncomplicated dish became the staple of take-out food culture throughout the entire world… and it’s still growing!

Best Kebab Places In Malta

Kebabs boomed in popularity across Malta, with loads of Turkish food outlets dotted around the island. It’s a go-to in Maltese take-out food culture, something that’s quick, easy and insanely delicious. Once you dig in and excite your taste buds with perfectly grilled meat in warm pitta bread, you’ll already wish you had more! It’s simple, made with high-quality meat, fresh sides and oozing flavours. What’s not to like?

After a late night out, when you’re on the go, or if you’re home on your comfy couch, you can be certain that your appetite will be satisfied when you want Turkish!

Sliema might just be the capital of kebabs. There are quite a few places to choose from here, including:

  • Moo’s Kebab
  • Millenium
  • Kebab Ji

Other wildly popular kebab spots can be found around the island:

  • Hasan – Birkirkara
  • Sofra – Gzira/ Bugibba
  • Posh Turkish – Mosta

All of these places serve incredible Turkish food with large portions (maybe you’ll have leftovers, but we doubt it)! They have built their reputations offering great food and great service.

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