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Address: 68, Suites 1 & 2, The Strands, Sliema SLM1022, Malta

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Primo for restaurants
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Primo for Restaurants

Our aim is to unite good food with good people! We bring our customers and clients together through our online service delivery platform. We want to be able to ensure that our customers can find you and that they’ll keep coming back…time and time again!

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There are ZERO reasons as to why you shouldn’t, so why not give it a go? We won’t take up too much of your time – we’ll leave that to your customers!


It’s very simple. More customers will have access to your restaurant, which could potentially increase your bottom line. Where’s the risk in that?


You have nothing to lose! We don’t have any fees and you can quit whenever you want - we won’t even ask you why! We only make money if you make money.


Our amazing Courier Partners ensure that meals arrive on time. If they should faulter, we tackle the customer support and payments, so there’s no extra hassle to you!

Let's Join Forces!

We can’t give you the world, but we would love to boost your business!

Let's do this Together

Once you have received an order, we guarantee it has been paid. Your only task is to prep the food for our Primo Courier to collect.

They’ll look after the rest!

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Once you have filled in our form, one of our agent will contact you shortly to arrange an appointment.