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Primo for Retailers

Do you have a wine shop? A grocery? Or a pastry shop? Or any other shop? Join our team!

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Primo for Stores

If you own a store that sells groceries, wine, fruit and veg, fish, meat or any food-related items, then you certainly rely on customers. When it comes to them, the more the merrier, right?

And this is where Primo steps in! 

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Become our Retail Partner

Our aim is to unite food and people. From all types of cuisines to whatever daily needs anyone wants, you’ll find it on our online service delivery platform. We bring our customers and clients together through this, with the aim to make life a little bit easier for everyone! We want to be able to ensure that our customers can find you, and that they’ll keep coming back!

We can’t give you the world, but we would love to boost your business!


It’s quite simple, really. More customers will have access to your shop, with extra visibility that potentially increases your bottom line. It’s everyone’s business goal at the end of the day!


You have nothing to lose! We don’t require any fees and you can back out of the partnership whenever you want – we won’t even ask you why! We only make money if you make money.


Our amazing Courier Partners ensure that items arrive on time. We know that time is precious to everyone! We tackle the customer support and payments, so there’s no burden on you!

Together Is Better!

We know that it’s impossible to promise you the world, but we can boost your business by:

We Do All The Work!

If you’ve received the order, then you can safely assume it has been paid! 

Simply go ahead and prep whatever items our Primo Courier is due to collect. 

The rest is in our hands!

Become a Retail Partner Now!

Once you have filled in our form, one of our agents will contact you shortly to arrange an appointment.