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Sushi in Malta

All best sushi in Malta!
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Sushi in Malta

Sushi is loved by the Maltese and has earned itself quite the position in their rankings for best restaurants. 

Over the last few years, the sushi market in Malta boomed and many more places started opening their doors to offer it! They brought food that kept well for delivery and at affordable prices for the general public. It is now widely accessible to the population via delivery apps and take-outs, attracting those who prefer to indulge in sushi on their sofa! 

Sushi time in Malta

Sushi Secrets!

We probably already know exactly what kind of sushi we’ll be ordering! But we didn’t know were some of these fun facts we’ve discovered and we’re happy to share them with you:
  • Sushi Origins. We attribute the creation of sushi to the Japanese, however, this isn’t really where its roots lie. Somewhere along the Mekong River in Southeast Asia, sour rice wrapped around fermented fish (narezushi) became the foundation for sushi as we know it today. It spread, slowly but steadily across China and later on, into Japan around the 1800s.
  • A Pricey Snack. Sushi is considered ‘expensive’ to most Westerners – a treat you get once in a while. But that wasn’t the case originally. It was a quick, cheap, compact snack that you’d get on the go or take to a theatre show. Imagine telling someone to ‘pass the sushi!’, rather than salted popcorn!
  • The Wasabi Truth. That green paste that is neatly placed next to the slices of tangy ginger – that isn’t the real deal! It’s horseradish mixed with some mustard powder and given it’s bright green hue from food colouring. Only around 5% of Japanese restaurants worldwide serve it! Wasabi is actually the most expensive crop in the world. Hard to grow and tough to nurture, it’s the gold equivalent of agriculture! Wasabi is the root of the wasabi japonica (found in Japan) and costs an insane $250 per kilo at wholesale! If you’re ever lucky enough to try it, let us know how it goes!
  • Hold The Rice! Sushi without rice? Yep, originally it didn’t have any. The fish was wrapped in sour rice only to create the umami flavour. Once fermented, it was thrown away only the fish was eaten. But in today’s sushi empire, the rice is just as important as the fish itself!
  • Not Nice Nori. That slightly crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth nori (the green seaweed that sushi is wrapped in) came about from scrapings taken off the bottom of boats or the wooden legs on piers. After pressing it into sheets, it was left out to be sun-dried. In today’s world we grow and cultivate it and for safety reasons, it’s generally toasted. In some places in Japan though, they prefer to leave the natural, fishy taste.
  • Killer SashimiFugu, as it’s known in Japan, is a puffer fish. With one fish containing enough poison to kill up to 30 adults, there is no officially known antidote. It takes around 7-10 years for a chef to become certified! It costs anywhere between 50 euros to 250 euros to dine on the wild side and take a leap of faith!

Sushi Sensations In Malta

Sushi is popular with the Maltese market. People aren’t fussy about when they eat it, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re out for a fancy dinner, a casual meal, a celebration, or having a movie night in. There’s something for all types of occasions, budgets and tastes!
    Okurama – With a couple of restaurants in San Gwann and St. Julian’s, this place has incredible food reviews! It also boasts an indulgent ‘all you can eat’ menu and a wide choice of dishes that can be delivered straight to you! Their platters are affordable and will keep you coming back for more.
  • Asian Kingdom – This cosy restaurant in St. Julian’s should be proud of their huge menu! There really is something for everyone here, and everything tastes lovely! They also offer a great buffet deal.
  • Zen – This is one of the first places in Malta to offer Japanese cuisine. Till today, it’s still widely regarded to be one of the best. Though a little pricey, it’s worth every penny!
  • Yoshi Sushi – Well known for it’s excellent value for money, this small place is making big waves!
Since a lot more choice has hit the market nowadays, browse through the options we offer you and see what floats your sushi boat!